lundi, août 27, 2007

gogol bordello @ the hob

What do you get when you combine a Ukrainian frontman/ guitarist/ firebucket player with a Russian violinist and Russian accordionist, an Israeli guitarist, an Ethiopian bassist, an American drummer, and two dancers (one Thai American, the other Chinese Scottish)? Great fun, incredible energy, and total mayhem.

Leo and I went to see Eugene and the boys at the House of Blues tonight. Gogol Bordello (as always) rocked like no one else. Here's a sample of their particular brand of gypsy punk:

The video tells you nothing about what they can do to a crowd, though. This video is more like it:

Everyone from frat boys to old-skool punks to shoegazing emo kids (I swear) to teeny, tiny tough girls go wild for them, because the band consistently puts on one of the best live shows around. They were, hands down, the best show at Bonnaroo 2007 (crowd-wise), in spite of their early afternoon time slot. And tonight was also amazing. So amazing, in fact, that Leo sweated 16 oz of water out of his body as we danced and enjoyed the frenzy that was the show.

For the record, if the frontman looks vaguely familiar, it's because Eugene Hütz was in "Everything is Illuminated" as the crazy young track-suited, gold-chained, hip-hop loving Ukrainian tour guide. And, yes. They do regularly collaborate with Balkan Beat Box.

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