mardi, août 21, 2007

wicked smaaaaaaht

My friend Diana L. gave me the heads-up on Scott Adams' (the Dilbert guy) comments about the research on intelligence and sexual activity, specifically this article: Intercourse and Intelligence. The responses were hilarious. These are some of my faves: A (rules 1&2), B (Counterpoint dig), C (amen to cerebral guys), and D (god-like intellect).
Brains or Intercourse
The Dilbert Blog
I always wonder why people do research to discover the obvious. Now researchers have “discovered” that smart people have less intercourse than people of average intelligence.

One reason the dimwitted get so much action is that they tend to be more attractive than smart people. That’s not a coincidence. It’s genetics. Hot/dumb people are more likely to mate with other hot/dumb people and produce hot/dumb kids. Here’s a headline you’ll never see: “Nobel Prize winner for physics thanked his supermodel parents for all of their support.”

I once saw a study that said smart people are more likely to have bad eyesight than dumb people. That explains a lot. If smart people could see each other clearly, there would never be another smart baby created except by genetic mutation.

You would think that smart people would use their intelligence and creativity to improve their sex lives. But I don’t need to tell my readers that when you have an excellent imagination, a partner just slows things down. People of average intelligence have more intercourse, sure, but I’ll bet the Mensans are winning the orgasm competition by about ten to one. Add that to the things you don’t really need to do any research on.

This leads me to my question of the day. Would you be willing to give up 10 points of IQ for a dramatic and permanent increase in your sex life (with other humans)?
For the record, I don't think it's a question of smart or sexy. It's the right combination of both.

I would argue that many highly intelligent (scratch that, the frighteningly über-intelligent types) often have trouble relating to other people, because they lack emotional intelligence.

Think about it. Someone who's MENSA-smart but socially awkward isn't going to get laid unless there's alcohol or an ulterior motive at work. The flip side: someone who's not got a genius IQ (but is emotionally intelligent) will have no trouble getting it on.

Even if you're not a brainac, if you've got a high emotional IQ, self-confidence (without arrogance), and are average-looking, you're considered sexy.
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