jeudi, septembre 20, 2007

the jena six

I heard about the Jena 6 on NPR last Friday, as an introduction to a story about a hate crime at the University of Maryland last week.
Ghosts of Lynching on a College Campus
All Things Considered, September 14, 2007 · Commentator Sherrilyn Ifill has fought racism her entire life, as a civil rights lawyer and as a mother. When a noose was found on a tree at the University of Maryland — where she teaches and her daughter is a freshman — she had to ask, "Will this ever end?
This week, there was a protest on my university campus about the Jena 6 that raised awareness (and outrage) about the situation. (I'm still not seeing much about it on the news, which is all the more disturbing given the play the Duke Lacrosse scandal got.)
YouTube - The Jena Six

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