samedi, février 23, 2008

dance with me

You could say that I have dance on the brain lately.

Ever since Leo surprised me with dance lessons for Valentine's Day, I've (mentally) been on cloud nine, despite the state of my right hand after my recent wrist surgery. Everywhere I look, I see dance; everything I hear seems to be about dance. Enter Nouvelle Vague ...

They covered an old 80s favorite of mine, "Dance with Me" by Lords of the New Church, a song that always got me on the dance floor back in my goth nightclub days. While looking for the original song's video (I'd never seen it), I ran across this video of Nouvelle Vague's cover. It cleverly and seamlessly overlays footage from the dance scene in Goddard's "Bande a Part." True to form, Nouvelle Vague has taken something completely different (in this case, a rocking dance scene from French new wave cinema) and changed the feeling completely. I think it works beautifully.

nouvelle vague "dance with me" video

Original scene from "Bande a Part."

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