jeudi, février 21, 2008

don't sleep.

As many of you know, I'm not a registered Democrat. (I voted Green in the primary.)
As many of you also know, I'm slightly more pro-Hillary than pro-Obama.
And, as many of you know, I'd sooner vote for the turnip in my fridge than whomever the GOP nominates. (Come November, I'm voting for the Democratic party's nominee.)

Despite my favoring Hillary over Obama, I found this young man's perspective particularly inspiring. And I'm not alone. The Economist writes:
ONE of the most interesting political videos on YouTube features a young Obama supporter, Derrick Ashong. A camera-wielding interviewer collars Mr Ashong in the street and starts to pepper him with questions. The interviewer assumes that his victim's casual appearance—he is wearing a baseball hat, a shell necklace and is chewing gum—betokens an equally casual approach to politics. "Do you have any specifics?" he demands aggressively. "What are their policies?" Mr Ashong delivers a series of carefully argued replies that could form the basis of an editorial in a serious newspaper. The interviewer is increasingly abashed. But, having delivered his defence of Barack Obama, Mr Ashong concludes the interview by saying "I'm independent. I'm not a Democrat. I might vote for McCain."
It's not one of the damn "yes we can" videos (which didn't do much for me ... other than the McCain parody, which slayed me). Listen to what Derrick has to say, especially in the second video. Don't sleep. And get out and vote in November, people.

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