mercredi, février 13, 2008

ruby red radiation slippers

My friend and former roommate Nancy has been a super trooper through her breast cancer experience. I've laughed, cried, and been inspired by her attitude throughout her treatment. Her sense of humor and wit never fail to slay me.

Case in point: After enduring chemo and surgery, she learned a few weeks ago that she still has "a few rogue cells" and that she'll need to undergo radiation. Her response:
I've told my doctors I'll do whatever they want me to do to beat this thing (absent a set of life-threatening risks that outweigh the benefits). That said, I'm not looking forward to another form of treatment. At least I can ... move forward with my day-to-day life.

On the upside, I've decided this is an excellent excuse to buy the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever tried on.
Today, she posted a photo of the shoes:Touché, Nancy! Enjoy your ruby red radiation slippers. You've earned them (and then some) with your fortitude and your amazing attitude. I hope your surgery recovery continues to go smoothly. I'll see you in a few months for my own five-years-clean celebration.

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