mardi, mars 04, 2008

condom advertising in the age of aids

I was researching humorous condom ads for my international comm class last week and was appalled by how hard it is to advertise condoms worldwide. It's odd to think that condom advertising is banned in so many countries (et tu, China? With the one child policy?) Setting aside the the fact that they're so common they're a commodity product in China, it's time to wake up, because a worldwide epidemic rages on.

Anyhow, here are a few of the better ones.
Zazoo (Belgium): I still think this is the best ad ever for birth control

Hansaplast (France)

Truth (Kenya)

Tulipan (Argentina)

Tulipan (Argentina)

Skin (Argentina)

Condom PSA (Sweden)

Trojan evolve (banned in the USA)

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Bucky a dit…

I really like the ad from Kenya!