jeudi, avril 10, 2008

happiness is ...

... a five-minute car ride to VONS for greenies.
... belly rubs from four hands at once.
... sleeping in my big green bed.
... smelling all the other dogs who've peed in my front yard.
... inhaling my breakfast and flirting with Leo to see if he'll give me some of his.
... stalking birds on my morning walk. (Why do they fly away instead of playing with me?)
... greeting the kids waiting for school to start.

... Ruby's thumping tail and happy face when we wake up in the morning.

Ruby is a beautiful dog who is even sweeter than she is pretty. She's our smart new four-year-old Flat-Coated Retriever (yes, she's got a puppy cut right now) who came to us via Craigslist. We're in love and glad that she's an official member of the family.

5 commentaires:

Holly a dit…

OOH! how pretty. I love the expression on her face... "life has given me such good things, wonder what comes next!" Lucky dog!

Anonyme a dit…

Rudy wants to play with Ruby!

Congratulations, she looks like a sweetheart.


Bucky a dit…

Ruby is a sweetie! I can't wait for her to meet Mr. Jackson and Miss Pie.

Kara a dit…

She could totally be Xander's sister! We'll have to set up a play date for them. :-)

Vee a dit…