mercredi, mai 14, 2008

do you wear nail polish? dress for breakfast?

I routinely put my ice-cold, candy apple red-painted toes on Leo to warm them up.

Clearly, that explains why I'm not marriage material according to this marital suitability rating scale.

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sooooooooy celesteeeeee a dit…

i did some quick math, and if your wife can check the "religious" column, she can slack off on a whole lot of these and still come out even. sure, god's happy, but how does that help me? i don't know about you, but i'd rather have a slave that cooks great meals and worships satan.

wife. i meant wife.

also, how is "dresses for breakfast "a merit? i like a little T&A with my bacon and eggs.


Holly a dit…

ummm, either we are missing some questions, or the top score you can get if you have all the merits and none of the demerits is 25. It must be a set up.

Also, Bucky agrees with you. Dressing for breakfast is really overrated.

Holly a dit…

ok, guess I have too much free time. Here is the full test.