vendredi, mai 02, 2008

keep calm and carry on

My colleague was sent this after she had an especially craptastic day at work this week.

The poster is a reproduction of the British government's message during World War II. As the Battle of Britain wore on and Nazi bombs were falling left and right, the government urged citizens to adopt a stiff upper lip and not to give the Germans the satisfaction of disrupting every aspect of daily life.

I find it refreshing and sage advice and a stark contrast to our own government's pumpkin, fuschia, and chartreuse color-coded warning system. I'm hereby adopting this as my new mantra. It should be particularly helpful as I finish graduate school.

Only 231 days, 03 hrs, 04 mins, 30 secs to go.
Keep Calm and Carry On: sage advice from a sane wartime government
Back in WWII, when the UK was being pounded by daily barrages of high-explosive, the government's message to the people was Keep Calm and Carry On. Not "ZOMG TERRISTS GONNA KILL US ALL ZOMG ZOMG ALERT LEVEL BLOODRED RUN RUN TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES MOISTURE BOMBS ZOMG!"

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