mercredi, octobre 08, 2008

wishful hearing, or he said, she heard

  1. Leo and I hope to start a family next year.
  2. Soccer is a big part of Leo's life.
The conversation we had a few hours after his soccer game last night:
Leo: Would you be amenable to watching Rudy [Zach and Rhiannon's baby] sometime for a few hours so we can practice?
Happy: (Welling up and looking at Leo, all dewy-eyed.) Of course. (20 second pause).
L: Because we want to have a practice, but Zach can't go...
H: (Confused silence.)
L: It would be great if the team could practice when we're not in a game situation ...
H: (20 second pause.) So you mean soccer practice?
L: Of course. What did you think I meant?
H: Oh, when you said "practice," I thought you meant practice as in practicing taking care of a baby.
L: Laughing, followed by a big kiss on the lips, followed by more laughter.
H: It's a good thing that you clarified what you meant. I was about to tell all my girlfriends about what a great guy you are. (Laughing, then kissing him.)
L: (Still laughing, then picking up his cell phone.)
H: (Glancing at the clock, which read 10:48 p.m. Pacific time.) You do realize that it's way too late to tell your parents about this tonight.
L: I know, I know. We'll tell them tomorrow. (Calling Zach, explaining the (mis)communication, and telling him to round up the team for a practice, as I would be watching Rudy for a few hours sometime soon.)
H: (Laughing.)
L: (Kissing me again.) We can also watch Rudy to practice taking care of a baby.
(A few hours later, at bedtime)
H: Mars and Venus have a conversation ... what a funny misunderstanding.
L: If you had just said "Of course I am willing to practice taking care of a baby," I would've just agreed with you. And then brought soccer into it.

Leo called his mom this morning to tell her the story and I chimed in at all the right parts. His mom was laughing throughout and then got all emotional and told us she'd come out to babysit for the first two weeks after we have a baby. My response: "only two weeks?"

I told my dad about it tonight and he laughed and laughed, and then pointed out how often men and women misunderstand each other.

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Christine a dit…

He had me going too! Any woman would have been confused. The first mistake in hindsight was not picking up on his idea of "practice." If he was really in a baby mood, he would have wanted to practice making the baby first :-D.