dimanche, avril 04, 2010

aren't dogs supposed to warn you about earthquakes?

Ruby just stared at me from the couch as I grabbed my wallet, cell phone, the hard drives, and her leash after the violent shaking had been going on long enough that I thought we should get outside.

She was completely nonplussed during the 7.2 Baja quake -- and the multiple subsequent 3.9-5.1 aftershocks (centered within 60 miles of us) we've had in the past hour.

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Leo Stezano a dit…

Please. This is the dog that silently heads for the door, without as much as an anguished growl, whenever the house gets even a little smoky because of a culinary experiment gone awry.

Timmy's stuck in the well? Serves Timmy right for acting the fool. The gospel according to Ruby.