mercredi, juillet 13, 2005

more intercepted instant messaging between bush and blair


kickass43: hey
sxybritguy10: hey
kickass43: u up
sxybritguy10: cant sleep
kickass43: dont have that problem
sxybritguy10: noticed
kickass43: man I can fall sleep on a bicycle :)
sxybritguy10: lol. wish that was the only accident at g8
sxybritguy10: bloody cursed summit
kickass43: u brits r tuff folks
kickass43: u take bombs well
kickass43: ur arresting the badasses
kickass43: got plenty more room at gitmo if u need it
sxybritguy43: thnx. ur da man
kickass43: aside from that mrs Lincoln wat u think of g8
sxybritguy10: better than live 8
kickass43: that ttlly suckd
kickass43: all it needed was kimmy jong il up on stage in his platform boots with elton john
sxybritguy10: lol
kickass43: singing I’m so ronery. u kno team america.
sxybritguy10: rofl. I luv that movie
kickass43: don’t know y we promised so much freakin $$$ for Africa
sxybritguy10: key word: promised
kickass43: bunch of thieves
kickass43:u remember live aid?
kickass43: all those bucks raised and ethiopia’s still in the toilet
sxybritguy10: sux
kickass43: got a better idea for do-good rockers
sxybritguy10: wot
kickass43: u know angeline jolie adopted an ethiopian orphan?
sxybritguy10: yeah
kickass43: so y doesn’t she adopt the whole freakin country?
sxybritguy10: u mean like buy it? :O
kickass43: she could afford it
kickass43: hell she could afford uganda too if she marries brad pitt
sxybritguy10: srsly
kickass43: srsly
kickass43: new celebs could start small
kickass43: lindsay lohan takes chad
sxybritguy10: geldof takes ivory coast
kickass43: think of all the beachfront property
kickass43: celebs love beachfront property
kickass43:put streisand in charge and the whole continent will be one big ecopark
kickass43: xcept for HER beachfront property
sxybritguy10: maybe paris hilton could put up some decent hotels
kickass43: make a golf course out of kenya
kickass43: now thats a goal for the next g8
kickass43: not stupid ‘debt forgiveness’
kickass43: no one forgives my debts. still owe daddy big time
sxybritguy10: our salaries suck
kickass43: we’ll clean up out of office
sxybritguy10: like Clinton
kickass43: wish we were like those euros
kickass43: we’d clean up IN office
sxybritguy10: like the French
kickass43: or my friend sylvio
sxybritguy10: u guys rlly hung at g8
kickass43: he was ttlly bored. like me.
kickass43: we played 21 on our blackberries
kickass43: man those germans can talk
kickass43: like u brits can drink. u r all drunken sods
sxybritguy10: needed it
kickass43: so did I dude
kickass43: odouls doesn’t do it for a summit
kickass43: could use a stiff one now
sxybritguy10: u r in trouble man
kickass43: rove stuff sux
kickass43: can’t play the game with no quarterback
sxybrityguy10: bad rap
sxybritguy10: at least u still got condi
kickass43: she’s so hot
sxybritguy10: way hot
kickass43: remember her in germany
kickass43: the domantrix boots
sxybritguy10: smokin
kickass43: she rocks way more than colin
sxybritguy10: kinda missed colin this yr
kickass43: no way
sxybritguy10: way
kickass43: y
sxybritguy10: mostly at cocktails
sxybritguy10: those yiddish jokes. lol.
kickass43: didn’t miss him. not with all those euro suck-ups
kickass43: like hello? I’m the president here? y r u wasting time with him?
sxybritguy10: ur right. condi more laffs
kickass43: better looking 2
sxybritguy10: for sure
kickass43: not like madeleine
sxybritguy10: barf
kickass43: u remember her
sxybritguy10: man I lived her
sxybritguy10: terry gilliam in drag
sxybritguy10: like going to the prom with yr mother
kickass43: my mother?? :O
sxybritguy10: no: one’s mother
sxybritguy10: tho yr mom would be pretty ruff too
kickass43: dude yr giving me flashbacks
sxybritguy10: sry!
sxybritguy10: missed bill too
kickass43: ????
sxybritguy10: clinton. give him this. he knew how 2 par-tay
sxybritguy10: no offense. I kno he’s yr ex
kickass43: he’s best buds with my dad now
sxybritguy10: u must be freakin
kickass43: ttlly. rlly weird
kickass43: theyre fishing in kennebunkport 2gether. like hes jeb.
sxybritguy10: sux
kickass43: no more joint missions for them man
sxybritguy10: gotta catch some zs now
kickass43: me 2. its way past 9
sxybritguy10: middle of nite here
kickass43: k
sxybritguy10: k
kickass43: one last thing
sxybritguy10: wot
kickass43: rove
kickass43: thinking of making him special envoy to international terrorism or something
sxybritguy10: y
kickass43: get him out of dc for a bit
sxybritguy10: how bout court of st. jim?
sxybritguy10: we cd use him
sxybritguy10: I cd use him
kickass43: ur not running again?
kickass43: thought u promised 2 step aside for that dude brown :(
sxybritguy10: key word: promised
kickass43: ur such a badass!
sxybritguy10: takes 1 2 kno 1
kickass43: if rove is smart he’ll go private
kickass43: speaking of cleaning up out of government
sxybritguy10: sigh

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