dimanche, août 07, 2005

dating psa

One senior man who fell in love at first byte on Match.com told the service "if a legally blind, bald, one-legged old man can find love online, then anyone can."

In spite of this man's experience, I'm not looking to make a love connection online. At least not yet.

But the universe is trying to tell me something. This article was in my gmail inbox today, in a newsletter I get that has nothing to do with dating and relationships:
Don't date for security or comfort. Many women feel they need to start dating right away, either as a way to forget their pain, or because of the sense of security it brings. These are bad patterns to establish. Dating is not therapy. You should date when you're ready to find someone to complement your life, not because you need someone to save you from it.
At some point, it will be nice to have someone to complement it. But for now, it's time to spend some quality time with the best male in my life, my Golden Retriever Casey.

After all, all men are dogs.

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