dimanche, août 07, 2005

fookin' nutter

Overheard in Glasgow by Elizabeth:
So there I was on Dumbarton. I picked up my lunch and then headed over to Woolworth's to get some candy to take home to my brother. At the front of the shop, by the newsstand, stood two old guys (or as they would be called here, OAPs). One was holding the Daily Record newspaper, the other was reading his own copy of Celtic View. The conversation I witnessed was as follows:

OAP1: Ach, 'is one. (gestures to photo of Michael Jackson on cover of paper)

OAP2: Fookin' nutter.

OAP1: Aye. Average guy cuts off his nose and goes paedo, he's in jail for life. Cuz 'is one's famous, they let 'im go.

OAP2: Fookin' nutter.

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