vendredi, août 05, 2005

a little booze is good for the brain

Allison and I will be getting our drink on with Harry after our stats final next Thursday. After reading this story, I'm thinking perhaps we should have a few before the exam, too.

Alcohol helps you think, say scientists
People who average two alcoholic drinks a day are better thinkers than teetotallers and very heavy drinkers, according to research.

An Australian university study of 7000 people has found those who drink in moderation have better verbal skills, memory and speed of thinking than those at the extremes of the drinking spectrum.

Researchers say it is a mystery why. The study overturns conventional belief that alcohol kills brain cells, leaving drinkers less well off in the brains department ... people who drink moderate amounts also seem to be healthier, physically and mentally.
"The research looked at factors including physical health, personality, social lives, social supports, friendships and enemies, and yet these did not explain it" ... there appeared to be no social factors - such as better education of one group - that could explain the phenomenon.

Moderate alcohol consumption was considered to be 14 to 28 standard drinks a week for men and seven to 14 drinks a week for women.

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Sandra Younger a dit…

I had my suspicions about this. Nice to know science agrees!