lundi, octobre 17, 2005

true that, sister

There was a mutiny in econ today. That's because most of us are frustrated because we don't understand the material and are finally making no effort to hide it anymore. And it all boiled over tonight.

After being barraged with questions about a particular equation that he was working through at the whiteboard and being generally unable to make the point he wanted to illustrate, our professor tried to use humor to get the lecture back on track.

Our professor: "Let me get to the punchline."

My classmate, her voice seething with sarcasm: "Oh good, so it is a joke."

After that verbal smackdown, the entire class completely lost it and laughed for awhile.

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Prince Majere a dit…

Happy, that is HILARIOUS!! I think his whole class is a joke, especially since that last problem he reviewed was NOT EVEN going to be on the mid-term.