dimanche, décembre 04, 2005

getting my learn on

I spent this weekend in full-on study mode:
  • Editing and re-writing my accounting group project (a term paper) on FASB 131 that's due Dec. 7. At last revision, it was 14 pages, single spaced.
  • Starting to research and write my econ term paper that's due on Dec. 12, then talking through some of the concepts with classmates.
  • Meeting Allison and Justin at 976 and working through three accounting problems in seven hours. We only took one real break, when a bird flew into the sun porch and kept smacking into the glass windows. Eventually, we were able to get it back outside. Our final exam is Dec. 12.
  • Baking.
  • Taking a study break and celebrating JB's birthday by drinking kir royale with Turk and co. at David's house before the rest of the group went to dinner and I went back home to work on the accounting paper.
  • Getting over a nasty case of sinusitis.

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