vendredi, janvier 13, 2006

missing the mark

This NPR story comes to us all thanks to my friend Hilary.

She actually told her friend Andrea (a producer for All Things Considered) about Hanzi smatter, who followed up with a story. It became the most-emailed story on the NPR site for a few days.

NPR : Chinese Character Tattoos: Lost in Translation
Robert Siegel talks with Tian Tang, author of (a Web site dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture). Tang posts photos of Chinese character tattoos that either contain errors or carry no meaning.

Tang says as a Chinese American, he felt it was his "duty and honor to educate the public about the misusage of Chinese characters."

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Christine a dit…

That reminds me, I really need to find a person to translate some chinese symbol stencils that I bought from They looked great on some birdhouses that I painted (new hobby). I was really worried giving them out at Christmas. I was sure one stood for "f.u. whitey" or "stoopid american" :P.