dimanche, janvier 15, 2006

nolan's strange magnetism

Cass, Diana, Nolan and I saw SuperDiamond (the alternative Neil Diamond experience) at the Belly Up last night.

We began with dinner and drinks at my place, then headed to the show. The openers, Urban Gypsys, were a funk band so good that even the whitest white boys in the audience found their inner groove and shook their asses.

Then, Surreal Neil and the Diamond boys took the stage in their sequined shirts, platform shoes, and ridiculously tight pants. Having gotten there early enough to stake out our spots right against the center of the stage, we were poised for a great view of Neil, which created all sorts of issues ...

I'm not above throwing an elbow when someone tries to weasel her way up front, especially if that someone is a bimbo who's never heard of the band and only wants to get up on stage. Let's just say that there were bimbos aplenty.

Take, for instance, the very inebriated blonde who kept rubbing herself all over Nolan. His back got more breast action than it's ever had, which is hilarious, given that she was so not his demographic. For some strange reason, Nolan also seemed to have victim written all over him. Earlier, he encountered an asshole who kept trying to berate him into trading spots with his girlfriend. But it was all good in the end.

Surreal Neil and the boys rocked out for nearly three hours, playing all my favorite Neil Diamond songs. We all loved it. As we were walking out, Diana kept saying how hot Surreal Neil was. Neil reached new levels of hotness with us all when Cass pointed out that he's a math teacher from Hayward who rocks out with his buddies on the weekends and makes ridiculous amounts of money while having a great time.

And not to brag or anything, but I wore my supacool Neil Diamond forever t-shirt purchased when I saw the real Neil last month in concert. I think it probably factored into me being the only woman who Surreal Neil actually kissed during the show. It was my hand, but that's not the point now, is it?

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