lundi, janvier 23, 2006

mixing bagged colloquialisms

Our new statistics professor had a previous life as an English major and a psychologist, which probably explains why our course syllabus is 20 pages of 10-point Times New Roman text. (No joke.)

Allison, Justin, and I were reading the fine print last night at Urban Grind when I stumbled on the section about our written proposal. It was four pages on what not to do writing-wise, including a warning about avoiding colloquialisms and mixed metaphors.

In a completely serious tone, Allison chimed in saying "I definitely agree with not using colloquialisms, especially in California, because California is such a mixed bag ..."

That was the point at which I arched my eyebrow and shot her a look. Then, both of us exploded into laughter that lasted several minutes.

Her new nickname: "mb" for mixed bag.

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