lundi, janvier 23, 2006

scenes of chaos and joy

The people who brought you the mp3 experiment 2.0 are at it again. Sunday was Improv Everywhere's 5th Annual No Pants Subway Ride in New York City. More than 160 riders participated in the ride before police halted their No. 6 train at about 5 p.m. Eight were arrested and cited.

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The irony here:
Agent Siegel was taken to the precinct wearing no pants (he was separated from them and they're currently in my apartment.) After he was released, he asked a cop if it would be ok for him to ride the subway home. The cop hesitated and then said, "Yeah". So he was given permission to immediately return to the subway and break the same law he had just been taken in for.

Police halt annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ Eight pranksters cited for disorderly conduct
Updated: 11:32 p.m. ET Jan. 22, 2006
NEW YORK - From the waist up, they looked like perfectly normal commuters. That wasn’t good enough for police.

Eight pranksters who dropped their pants and showed their underwear on the subway on Sunday were taken into custody and issued summonses for disorderly conduct. All were ultimately released, said Improv Everywhere, the group that organized the stunt.

The group said more than 160 riders participated in the fifth annual No Pants Subway Ride before police halted their No. 6 train about 5 p.m.

Charlie Todd, who founded Improv Everywhere in 2001, said it’s not his group’s intent to offend. He said he wants to create scenes of chaos and joy in public places around New York.

“It was our intent to make people laugh,” he said. “We try to give people a great story to tell.”

Todd, a teacher and performer, said the police overreacted when they turned a harmless event into something that inconvenienced lots of subway riders. A judge will determine whether those issued summonses will be punished.

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