mercredi, février 01, 2006

charm and unanswerable indignation

It turns out that Steven Morrissey is even smarter than I thought.

Here's his Oct 2004 statement urging American voters to vote for John Kerry for President:
With all my heart I urge people to vote against George Bush. Jon Stewart would be ideal, but John Kerry is the logical and sane move. It does not need to be said yet again, but Bush has single-handedly turned the United States into the most neurotic and terror-obsessed country on the planet. For non-Americans, the United States is suddenly not a very nice place to visit because US immigration officers — under the rules of Bush — now conduct themselves with all the charm and unanswerable indignation of Hitler’s SS. Please bring sanity and intelligence back to the United States. Don’t forget to vote. Vote for John Kerry and get rid of George Bush!

Apparently, he's always been a bit of a politico:
Morrissey has always been outspoken and is known for never holding back when disparaging political leaders he does not approve of. His most famous enemies have been The British Royal Family, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, current Prime Minister Tony Blair, and current US President George W. Bush. Morrissey's first solo album, “Viva Hate,” included a track entitled “Margaret on the Guillotine,” a tongue-in-cheek jab at Prime Minister Thatcher. British police responded by searching Morrissey’s home and making him the subject of an official investigation. Many of the officers were said to be embarrassed at the absurdity of the situation, some even asking for Morrissey's autograph. Not to be outdone, Morrissey’s follow-up single included the B-side “Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Difference,” whose lyrics end with a caustic “Leave me alone, I was only singing/You have just proved again, most people keep their brains between their legs.”

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moriseylvr a dit…

What do you mean, "Smarter than I thought?" I have I not told you a thousand times that he is brilliant? You know I love me some Morrissey!!!!!! Thanks for the pic too!

Vee a dit…

love the moz.

shvinsk a dit…

Dude, when did Morrissey get hot?