mardi, février 28, 2006

still crazy after all these years

Eric to me, tonight: "The trick is learning how to fill that hole in your existence with positive things."

So I had a good visit with Eric. Actually, I had a very good visit with Eric.

Dinner was the two of us, plus his cousin Andrea and her boyfriend Clif, and Diana and Ophira. We all laughed about old times and listened to Eric's wackadoo travel stories. Then we came back to my place, looked at his photos, and drank Becherovka.

There wasn't a moment of tonight that was awkward or weird at all. I'm grateful for that, because he is my oldest friend, and for many years was my best friend and my lover. It's good to complete the circle, and close the loop on us and what has been the defining relationship of my life (so far). Doing that via phone or e-mail was never enough. Talking face-to-face was the only way to finish this. I'm feeling really good about it. And I'm very pleased that both of us have found positive things with which to fill our respective existences.

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O a dit…

Woah. All of a sudden I have a flashback to seeing these two faces and a Trivial Pursuit board in a semi-dark Matthews apartment.

Looks like the reunion went well, eh? And good to read about your current life going awesome, too. You really deserve it. You & Leo need to head out this way sometime soon. Maybe throw Ann in the backseat and tie a fobtastic comforter to the roof of your car, just for the hell of it.

moriseylvr a dit…

I'm glad it went well. I guess the fact that you look AMAZING can't really hurt, right?

Christine a dit…
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Christine a dit…

That is a very cute picture of you two.

Alternate title could have been "My Dinner With Andre". Maybe it's not as funny as I think; it's late :).