mercredi, mars 01, 2006

there is a god

(Well, maybe.)

Yesterday, Utah lawmakers refused to pass a state law that would have required teachers to tell students that evolution is not a fact and that the state doesn't endorse the theory.

The best quote from the story:
"I don't believe that anybody in there really wants their kids to be taught that their great-grandfather was an ape," Buttars said.

Perhaps the distinguished gentleman from Utah should sponsor a bill stating that grammar is a theory and that the state doesn't endorse it. After all, his own speech shows a flagrant disrepect for the (dare I say radical) notion that subjects and verbs should agree in number.

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cyn a dit…

haha! i just reread the elements of style and was pretty appalled at how horrific my english has been. i also realized i've been pronouncing azure wrong all this time. (i was saying a-zoor.) how embarrassing.