mercredi, mars 15, 2006

eating like republicans

Last night, Leo, Allison, Cass, Susan, Diana, Ophira (sans appendix), Jen, Zach, and Rhiannon (cameo appearance only) joined me for the first-ever Axis of Evil Supper Club.

If I recall correctly, we reached the conclusion that hope is stupid... or something like that after discussing Pandora's Box; the HPV vaccine; Scientology; Matisyahu; why Jim Dolan walks on water; unitarian universalists; T-cells; how American Idol text messaging might just get our generation to vote; being Irish Catholic in a historically Jewish sorority; the fact that Uruguayans (not los Argentinos) eat more beef per capita than anyone else in the world; how Clinton effed up with don't ask, don't tell; and why Zach and Ophira are voting for McCain in 2008 if it's McCain vs. Hillary.

spinach frittata
old fashioned
vodka collins

main course:
filet mignon with bearnaise
garlic mashed potatoes
winter fruit salad with maple syrup and champagne vinaigrette
cheddar rosemary scones


bananas foster with vanilla ice cream
I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but by the time I made the bearnaise, I'm positive that I was drunk. After eating enough to sober up slightly, I was tipsy again when I lit the bananas foster. The extravagant meal was fun to plan and to make, but I confess that it was daft to do something on this scale alone (and on a school night).

Mad love to Leo for fetching things that weren't actually in my garage, Zach for tending bar and making the stiffest Old Fashioned I've ever had, Cass for being my sous chef extraordinaire, Susan for setting the table and the mood, Allison for water and her yarns, D for her crass repartee, Ophy for spirited discussion so soon after her urgent care adventure, pediaJen for hanging in there in spite of her 30-hour call, and Rhiannon/ Zach for extra chairs and glassware. I'd also like to give a shoutout to Casey for being a very good boy, in spite of all the food and people in the house. Finally, super-dooper thanks go to Penny, who was my cooking fairy godmother all the way from NY (her tips and recipes were used last night).

I have the coolest, funniest, most banterrific friends evah.

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O a dit…

Sounds like an awesome dinner + awesome conversation. I, too, would be on the fence btw. McCain & Hillary (more because with McCain atleast you know what you're getting since he's honest to a fault, Hillary on the other hand...). And no, me living in Arizona has nothing to do with it. :)

Ophie had her appendix taken out?!? I'm out of the loop! Doh!