mercredi, juin 28, 2006

tacos, anyone?

I had a fun exchange on all that is wrong with marketing and 'mericans today after sending this link, for the Taco Tender, to Leo this morning. I mean, who really needs this stuff, anyhow? And do you know any kids who use tongs to put lettuce on tacos? I didn't think so.

Then, Slater sent me this story, on the ruckus caused by folks who think the pink taco restaurant's name is a sobriquet for something else.

Proof positive that Middle America is
a) too uptight
b) doesn't have enough real problems to worry about (Darfur, anyone?)

Oh, and that sex sells. Damn those evil marketers ...

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O a dit…

I've driven past a number of times, and haven't felt compelled to go in. Both Seth and Melati gave it a big thumbs down, so I'll say that all that controversy did was get more people to go there....except me, of course.