mardi, juillet 25, 2006

rolling blackouts here we come (do dah, do dah)

The last time the California Independent System Operator issued a Stage Two Electrical Emergencies on a regular basis, I was working across town with Rick and a rolling blackout was my code word for a nap.

Sadly, soaring temperatures have led us back into an energy crisis. Hopefully, my electric bill won't triple like it did in that deregulated (AKA evil, colluding energy companies using the heat as an excuse for price-gouging and rampant profiteering) market.

But a nap does sound mighty good right about now ...

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Diana a dit…

The California energy market is still deregulated. While there are some safeguards against obvious energy market manipulation, the energy market is still vulnerable to collusion by the market participants. This is not likely to change while Bush is still president, since he's buddies with most of the CEO's of the Texas energy companies.