samedi, juillet 15, 2006

this ain't no fire fight, crazy fool

Hmm. I took this twice, once last week when I first found the link and then again today, before posting. Tonight, I was Hannibal. Last week, I was Murdock. Interesting. Very interesting.

Which A-Team Character Are You?
Ever thought to yourself, if I was in The A-Team who would I be? Well, a team of well trained monkeys got together and analyzed the personalities of The A-Team characters and put the information gathered into this quiz.

You are Captain "Howling Mad" MURDOCK
You're a raving looney for god's sake, what more can I say? Ok you're not completely mad but you'd rather talk to yourself or your hand than speak to real people and you have impulses to do the strangest things. You have a penchant for the dramatic, erratic and chaotic but you're reliable even if unpredictable and you can manage to come up with some of the most brilliant (if wacky) ideas. You're more than likely a bit of a party animal and you find it easy to make friends although most of them are just the voices in your head. Some people can find you a bit much to handle but don't worry they're the nurses and they get paid for it. Watch out there's a huge penguin behind you! Congratulations, you're part of The A-Team.

You are Colonel John "HANNIBAL" Smith
Strong, reliable, thoughtful and handy with a gun. You are the brains of any outfit with the charm and charisma to match. You'd be the map reader on any scout expedition and be trusted by all the parents. You're not fooled by anyone and you don't mind that you don't dress so hot these days, your eyesight's probably failing you slightly anyway. You're not too worried about your health because you know one day you'll go out in a blaze of glory and have songs sung about you and your amazing plan-making skills. You're an obvious leader and had you been born in Roman times would probably have led those armies to conquer the world unlike those amateurs. Congratulations, you're part of The A-Team, hey you're leading it!

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