vendredi, juillet 14, 2006

Check out the videos listed below. Then vote in the Great Annoying Video War of Aught-Six.

Although I love the Shatner and Nimoy ones, it really comes down to the mormon rap and electronic supersonic.

Billy Squier, Rock Me Tonight
A Flock Of Seagulls, Space Age Love Song
zlad, elektronik supersonik
Satan’s Colon, Theme song to “Small Wonder”
Starship, We Built This City
After The Fire, Der Kommissar
The Belle Stars, Iko Iko
Plastic Bertrand, This ridiculous French crap
Shatner, Rocketman
Leonard Nimoy, The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Dennis Madalone, We stand as one
Princess Leia, A Star Wars Christmas Hell
Mormons rapping
Kids Incorporated, some rubbish
Tiny Tim, Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
Pia Zadora, You Bring Out The Lover In Me
Carl Lewis, Break It Up
Armi ja Danny, I Wanna Love You Tender
Jordi, dur dur d’etre un bébé
Barnes & Barnes, Fish Heads (music starts at 2:20)
NKOTB, Hangin’ Tough

2 commentaires:

zagood a dit…

I put the Pia Zadora and Tiny Tim clips at the top of the list.

Armi ja Danny is a brilliant artist, I don't know why everyone rips on that video. The dancers? Magnificient.


Saku a dit…

I'm not very proud of this, but Armi and Danny are from Finland. Danny is still performing and yes, he is still horrible.

Where is David Hasselhoff's "I'm looking for freedom" -song? That's my favourite ... right after Armi and Danny.