lundi, septembre 18, 2006

go charlize

There are only a few reasons why I'd get married again. Although love's at the top of that list, it would take a lot for me to do it again, especially while the U.S. government refuses to recognize gay marriage. And I'm not alone on this ...
The single folks’ Hall of Fame
Charlize Theron
Tall, blonde and beautiful, actress Charlize Theron is known as much for her glamour as for her willingness to discard it for choice movie roles. Conventional wisdom would say that she could have her pick of husbands ... but walking down the aisle isn't a goal of hers. The 30-year-old Oscar winner says you don't need a marriage ceremony or certificate to have a great relationship. "I'm happy for people who want to be married, but it's not my thing," Theron said recently. "I don't need to wear a white dress and throw a big party. To me, that's like a premiere."

Theron, who's been in a serious relationship with actor Stuart Townsend, says she would like to have a family someday. But weary of media speculation over whether she and Townsend will tie the knot, she told Extra that they would marry only when the U.S. government grants gay and lesbian couples the right to wed as well. "We've decided that we're going to use that in a positive way," she said. "So the day that law gets passed, then we'll get married."
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