mardi, septembre 19, 2006

why mommy is a democrat

I heard about "Why Mommy is a Democrat" earlier this week. It turns out that a faculty member at my university wrote a review supporting the book and is now being inundated with a deluge of phone calls, e-mail, etc. by Rush Limbaugh's people.

It looks as though they've taken a page from the Karl Rove playbook and are essentially harassing her by tying up her phone lines and spamming her. The whole concept of trying to limit the speech and communications abilities of your political adversaries is incredibly unethical, even if the approach is legal (and evil-genius innovative).

Anyhow, a link to the book showed up in my Google rss feed today. Take a look.

... except when those toys are things like the ballot and allowing more than two parties to be on it.

Yes, folks. There's still a Kerry sticker on my bumper, but I'm no longer a registered Democrat. On election day, I will vote for the left-leaning candidate who strikes the right balance between:
  • Most representing my stance on the issues (in the last election, Kerry) and
  • Least screwing me, everything I stand for, democracy, and civilization as we know it (in the last election, Bush)
But I'll still feel dirty about it.

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