dimanche, septembre 24, 2006

living the slug life

It's been a stressful week. So (in contrast to most weekends) I scheduled nothing and told Leo I wanted a stress-free, stick-close-to-home-and-spoil-my-dog-rotten weekend.

I deliciously squandered my time doing some of my favorite things: enjoying time with friends, making and eating really good food, and taking in some great movies and music.

Friday: Seeking oblivion at afternoon yoga, dinner at Dao Son with Leo and PediaJen, going to the Ani DiFranco concert.
Saturday: Sleeping in and reading in bed; watching "The Party" (Peter Sellers is amazing); buying provisions for a simple dinner party; making fresh fettucine and tuco with Leo for our dinner with Cass, Josh, and Ophy. (Thanks again for giving "us" the pasta cutters, D and Ophy!)
Sunday: Waking up early and starting my day out right; spending a post-feminist morning baking apple muffins, banana bread, and Leo's cake; watching "Rize" (an amazing documentary on krumping — thanks for the heads up, Omer!); making braised lamb and green beans for dinner at Leo's; seeing "Blazing Saddles" for the first time (it was good, but not Mel Brooks' best).

In short, my mandatory chill weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

Casey seemed to like it, too.

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