lundi, octobre 30, 2006

owen, part II

Owen Eckblom is still connecting people.

I recently blogged about how posting a photo of a complete stranger's headstone connected me with his (estranged) daughter. It's still connecting us, and it's been interesting to learn that our lives have been on eerily similar (parallel) tracks. Read the latest in Owen's story:
a kiss for owen eckblom
Hi again - Jennifer here. You were so kind to respond to my post. While telling my son about this "truly Happy" coincidence, we found your blog and the follow-up posted there. He asked why I hadn't included this on MY blog ... which leads me to my request: Would you consider sending me a copy of the pic of O's headstone?

Out of curiousity - and not latent stalker tendencies - I took the liberty to read bits and pieces of your blog. I thought maybe you'd be interested to know: Owen worked in PR until he and his 3rd wife started home brewing beer and wine. They opened a store in San Diego - not sure if it is still there. I am also a Comm professional - currently teaching Speech and Mass Comm full-time at a community college near Baltimore. I've often been tempted to join a local Toastmasters group - but after listening to upwards of 600 student speeches a year, you can understand why I resist the temptation. I flex my platform muscles in meetings, in the classroom, and in my private comm consulting activities. And ... this is what prompted me to write again ... I lost my right kidney to renal cell carcinoma in 1997.

A friend who does not yet know the story of your photo emailed me today with a story about what a 'small world' it is ... I think I can trump her.

Regards - J

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