lundi, octobre 30, 2006

two years on

Today, my blog is officially 2 years and 9 days old. Hooray. (Oui, je suis en retard.)

1,282 entries later, I've accomplished what I set out to do:
  1. Document my life.
  2. Get in the practice of writing for a public audience almost every day.
  3. Use blogging as a way to think about, process, and externalize issues that I would've internalized in the past.
  4. Keep in touch with loved ones near and far, without spamming them.
  5. Stay current in my occupation (online communications).
My blog's been a way to reconnect with old friends, like Omer and Denise. It's also been something that's given me pause.

The best example is when I decided to try online dating. Anyone who reads my blog pretty much holds the keys to my psyche, and if a potential date had stumbled on it, he would have had the upper hand information-wise: my achievements, disappointments, goals, likes, dislikes, vices, virtues ... all are documented and hashed out online. Some of my dates might also have taken exception to how I characterized the online dating experience.

Having to answer Leo's questions about why I blog also made me glad that I edit many aspects of my life and choose not to write about them here. The flip side: it made it easy for him to answer the "so what's she like?" question for at least a few of his friends.

Finally, I've had some interesting "it's a small effing world" moments because of my blog.Technology truly makes the world teeny tiny and connects the seemingly unconnectable.

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O a dit…

And it's a great blog. Glad we've reconnected.

- O

densedot a dit…

Big fat double WORD.