mercredi, décembre 13, 2006

i'd like to dedicate this request to allison (and saint matthew)

Allison: you are sooo going to rock Grudnitski's socks tonight.

Even though I don't believe in this crap, I looked for a prayer candle for the patron saint of accounting. I know, you're thinking ... there's a patron saint of accounting?! WTF?!

The patron saint of accountants, bankers, bookkeepers, security guards and tax collectors is Saint Matthew of Apostle fame, and he also was the author of one of the Gospels. Before becoming an Apostle, however, he started out as a Jewish tax collector at Capernaum. Little is know about him, outside the seven references he has in the Gospels. In medieval art, Saint Matthew is represented under the symbol of a winged man, carrying in his hand a lance as a characteristic emblem - his artistic calling card if you will. He is one of the originals in the pantheon of patron saints.

It's time to work your magic, Matt.

p.s. While you're at it, show some love to my other MBA peeps.

2 commentaires:

Diana a dit…

Dear St Matt, please show me some mercy tomorrow night as I face the accounting final. I think I'm gonna hyperventilate or throw up before I test. Help!

Christine a dit…

There are a lot of surprising saints ;). You know about the patron saint of TV (St. Claire) and the internet (St. Isadore of Seville)?