vendredi, février 01, 2008

so slide over here, part deux

After reading O's flashback friday post on "Inks," I had "Don't Change" stuck in my head. So here is a list of my fave INXS songs (with an addition by Leo, too)...

"Don't Change," Shabooh Shoobah (1982): Still one of my fave vintage INXS tunes. Note the shades and 80s microphone that Michael's using.

"Mystify" (Live), Kick (1988)

"Never Tear Us Apart," Kick (1988): I realized that this video was shot in Prague tonight during the opening frame's close-up of the lamppost.

"Need You Tonight/ Mediate," Kick (1988): I was also surprised when I learned in high school that the video ripped off Bob Dylan.

"New Sensation," Kick (1988): This, despite the fact that the song got used by Sea World in an incredibly overplayed television commercial.

"Beautiful Girl," Welcome to Wherever You Are (1992): A suprisingly deep video for what seemed like a mindless, fun song.

"Not Enough Time," Welcome to Wherever You Are (1992): Surprisingly prescient.

"Kiss the Dust (Falling Down Mountains),"Listen Like Thieves (1985)

"This Time," Listen Like Thieves (1985): Side one of this album still holds up quite well. Ignore the veejay.

"What You Need," Listen Like Thieves (1985)

"Disappear," X (1993)

"The One Thing," Shabooh Shoobah (1982)

"Listen Like Thieves," Listen Like Thieves (1985)

"Shine Like it Does," Listen Like Thieves (1985)

"Original Sin," The Swing (1984)

"The Stairs," X (1993)

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O a dit…

Hot damn! Like Inks much?

I didn't even know the Shabooh Shabooh album existed. Shows you how much I know.

comment dit-on a dit…

I didn't realize I liked them this much until I started this post. They're not as good as U2, but there are some seriously good songs that were left off the greatest hits, including:
Not Enough Time
Don't Change
This Time