dimanche, mars 02, 2008

"thank you for being mine"

I've written before about my friend (and former roommate) Nancy's current battle with breast cancer. Her attitude never fails to inspire and amaze me and to put everything into perspective.

Having walked in her shoes a few years back, I have an inkling of the emotional rollercoaster that she's on. I'm so glad to see her coming to a positive end with her treatment and very pleased to see that her husband Ryan has been right there with her throughout the ride.
I would never recommend anyone get cancer, but there are many good moments to balance out the bad. My family and husband and friends are amazing. I was walking home from dinner with Ryan and Mom the other night, and he had his arm around my shoulder. I got all teary and said, "thank you for being mine." He, of course, started cracking jokes and just made me laugh. I'm very lucky to be loved by him. He does things like paint my incisions with scarguard without flinching and rubs my head affectionately.

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