lundi, avril 24, 2006

pulling thirty one

As usual, Diana's sangria was a hit. So were Cass' chocolate kahlua cake and Chrissy's pumpkin cheesecake.

All were featured prominently at Saturday night's birthday festivities, which included Leo, Cass and Josh, Allison, Diana and Ophira, Melanie, Zach, Ash and Cat, Jason and Dana, Yvonne and Eric, Tess, Trevor, Turk and Susan, Marion and JB, Laura and Aaron, Tony, Geoff and Mike, Dan and Kevin, Justin and Chrissy, Tuba and Sinan, Tim, Reggie, Matt and Amber, and Rogelia.

A monumental amount of recycling and cleaning went down Sunday, mostly by Leo, who waged war on the ants that decided to crash the post-party while I was off for more group project craziness. The best moment at group was when Tuba informed us that thirty one is a number with special meaning to Turks — the expression "pulling thirty one" is a euphemism for onanism.

2 commentaires:

O a dit…

Happy belated, Happy! Or is it technically today? I'm slow (I'll use almost turning 32 as my excuse).

moriseylvr a dit…

Boo! I'm so bummed I missed it, but I was thinking about you!! You make 20-11 look fabulous!