lundi, juin 12, 2006

holy subculture, batman!

Q: What's one part drinking, one part exercise, and one part Scooby Doo scavenger hunt?
A: A hash.

I just finished my first hash. It was five miles and a lot of fun. Becki, Annette, and I ran, jogged, and walked the course through canyons, up hills, and on residential streets, finding flour and misleading marks as we avoided agave, cactus on steep hills, and cars on the road.

Trevor and Sarah ran the beer check and — in keeping with the gorilla theme — served us monkey's uncles (kahlua mudslides with 99 bananas and whipped cream on top). When it was over, we met at Effin's Pub for the on-in. And I'm pleased to report that my down-down joke went over well enough that I didn't have to share a body part (thanks Rhiannon).

The Larrikin hashers were wicked salty folk and I had a great time. I've gotta admit — it's something that I'll do again.

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Mrs. Z a dit…

YAY!!!!! Good to know that I have a purpose in life! :)