mercredi, juin 14, 2006

world on fire

I dare you to watch this video and not get goosebumps.

Sarah McLachlan took a stand with her World On Fire video. She used $150,000 to make the video, but she made the money work in very different ways.
Via Jason

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Mr. Middlebrow a dit…

Goosebumps? Hell, I couldn't even finish it w/o getting teary-eyed. It's like a whole other kind of NSFW.

I recently watched "The Constant Gardener," and came away with a similar sense of how absurldly enormous the disparity is in living standard/quality of life between the US and, well, most other places. It made me want to do two things: 1) hug my son; and 2) remind myself, the next time I started to grouse about the free bagels my office buys me coming from Panera instead of Brueggers, to shut the hell up, already.

Thanks for that.